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"I am running for State Representative, because I am tired of getting the bait and switch with candidates; where they say they are for or against certain issues, then they get in office and don't follow through with what they said."



I believe that life starts at conception.  I believe that abortion is murder.  I believe that all forms of abortion should be considered illegal.

I believe that marriage is between one man and one woman.  


I believe that we have a Constitutional right to make medical decisions for ourselves and our families without the infringement from government entities at any level.


I believe in the 2nd Amendment and our right to keep and bear arms, as well as our ability to do it without a state-issued license.  If they can give you a license, then they can also take it away from you.  The research that I have done shows that states that have passed Constitutional Carry have experienced the crime rate either staying the same or DECREASING!  Did you know that the state of Vermont has ALWAYS been Constitutional Carry?!


I believe that we should NOT be slave to the lender.  There should be no debt in the government.  We should only work within our budget and live below our means, which would greatly decrease the need for the number of taxes that citizens would be responsible to pay.


The Federal government continues to overstep the boundaries given to it by the US Constitution, which continues to erode our freedoms.  State and local governments have shown that they are following suit, as we have clearly seen with local Health Departments and some Commissioners continuing to push mask and jab mandates on their citizens, as well as our Governor deciding that it is okay to keep us in a perpetual state of emergency, so Federal funds can keep rolling in.  Where do those Federal funds come from?!  From the backs of hard working Americans!!!


I have a great respect for our law enforcement.  When the unconstitutional mask mandates came through our counties, it was our Sheriffs who stood up for what they knew was an overreach of the government.  They were our only real line of defense against our rights being taken away from us.

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